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Let's Get fit in mid-life...

Based in colorado. Supporting women everywhere.

Melissa Love Stewart | est. 2017

Imagine your life full of amazing energy. You look in the mirror and feel completely confident and joyful about the healthy habits you’ve created in your life.  It’s more possible than you think.
As women we tend to put the needs of others above our own. It’s natural. We are nurturers. We are mothers and wives and business owners.
Here’s the secret sauce: When you start small - it’s like a snowball effect.
I teach my clients how to build habits week over week. Momentum and motivation show up and before you know it you’ve completely changed your health one healthy habit at a time.
Results don’t lie, my clients are mid-life women who ar busy. They’ve tried many ways to lose stubborn belly fat, build lean muscle and feel healthy. And they are finally DOING it. We break it all down into small habits and stack week over week. They see quick wins and it keeps them in the game for the long run.
This is life-changing - sustainble healthy living.
If you’ve ever said “I wish someone would just tell me what to do.” I’ve got you.

i'm melissa - your Wellness & life coach (& built in cheer squad)


Do you feel stuck?
I've been there. Now, I’m the busy mid-life Woman's Wellness & Life Coach helping YOU find your joy again.

"Habits do not restrict freedom. They create it."
- James Clear - Atomic Habits

As your wellness coach, I'll teach you super simple ways to lose stubborn belly fat and build that lean muscle you've been trying to build for years. 

Oh, and did I mention how easy it is?

Maybe you landed here because...

You're a mid-life woman who feels her body changing, and you want to feel confident in your skin again.

You’ve spent years doing fad diets, trendy workout programs and you still have the stubborn belly fat in your mid-section.

You know exactly what you want, but you're unmotivated to take action

You just need someone to lay out a map and  "tell you what to do" in order to finally build muscle and end your struggle with food.  

You’re ready to invest in yourself, but it feels nice to have accountability and encouragement along the way.

Melissa is so passionate about faith and wellness! Her podcasts encourage me so much! She is down to earth and provides practical ways to walk through everyday life. 

Real Life Stuff

- Tammy P.

Turning thoughts into action through

The Wellness from
Within Podcast

Group Fitness Coaching

Join my 6 week Fat loss and Fitness Program.
I'll provide dailly at-home effective workouts, meal plans and a hype community that will cheer you on each step of the way.
I'll teach you how to start small and establish healthy habits that compound over time to create results in as little as a few days. 

Life gets hectic during the mid-life season.  I love sharing healthy resources, wellness tips and inspiring stories that make this journey a bit more JOYFUL.   

One way we take massive action in our life and business goals is to create our own confidence.  If you feel stuck in doubt and self-sabotage - This list is for you.  Learn to fill up your confidence bucket with this list of 50 Thoughts Confident People Think - It's completely FREE - download and start using right away.

On my weekly podcast, I talk about how to overcome the all-too-common problem: Overthinking ourselves into stuckness.  With a bit of encouragement and lots of real talk, we can discover how to connect with our SOUL goal again.  We can find courage to take MASSIVE action toward our goals and live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

50 Thoughts Confident
People Think

The Blog

What you can expect when working with me:

Many life coaches are hyper-focused on the end result.  My approach is to  create rhythms and systems  by habit stacking each week so that your trasnformation is sustainable long after our time together is complete.  I'll teach you healthy habits that will stay with you for life and you'll see results within a few days.  

A Structured Experience

My relationship with my clients often transforms into intimate, honest, and rewarding friendships. As your certified holistic wellness coach, you can count on me to give you evidence-based advice and holistic solutions you can easily apply to your life to make positive changes. As your “guide by your side”, you can lean on me as much as you would with a trusted friend.

A coach to rely on and
a friend to lean on




I drew inspiration from my personal and professional experience to create a program that’s not just empowering but accessible, faith-based, and outcome-oriented to help you reconnect with your mind, body, and spirit.

Educational and simple
 life-changing lessons

Are you ready to be the healthiest version of yourself?

When I’m not coaching, you can find me sipping espresso and reading a book. I love being outdoors and the mountains are my happy place. I’m wife to my highschool sweetheart and mom to 3 teenagers, so my days are pre-booked for me most of the time. You can find all of us rocking out to any genre of music together. We love to turn it up loud and proud. 

About your soulful life coach
 (and new friend!)

Based in Colorado. Supporting women everywhere.

Thank you, friend!

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