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When God says Wait, but Go. Rest, but Don’t Give Up.

Still waiting? Yea. Me too. Sitting in the season of ‘hurry up and wait’ is where many of us find ourselves these days. Seeking direction while experiencing stillness. Waiting on God to pull out the drawing board and map the entire path to our next adventure with Him. Instead He says Wait, but Go. Rest,…

I love reading through Psalms. I’ve highlighted and noted many passages as “favorites” but this particular day Psalm 143 grabbed my attention. In the midst of losing hope through a deep depression, David expresses his feelings to God. You can feel the pain as you read his words – he was running from the very…

December 8, 2020

Our minds have a way of seeking knowledge.  And not just knowledge – we want a clear path. A complete road map. The blueprint. The How-to. The answers and ultimately the truth.  We often see things as right or wrong, good or bad and while life is a contrast we rarely see in either-or fashion.  …

August 19, 2020

Where do we go when our thoughts run rampant with negativity? Is there a reset button for our toxic way of thinking? Pointing us back to the center of all truth is truth Himself. The Word of God. Let’s look at what scripture speaks to us in regards to living abundantly – Mind, Body, and…

February 18, 2020


When I’m not coaching, you can find me sipping espresso and reading a book. I love being outdoors and the mountains are my happy place. I’m wife to my highschool sweetheart and mom to 3 teenagers, so my days are pre-booked for me most of the time. You can find all of us rocking out to any genre of music together. We love to turn it up loud and proud. 

About your wellness coach
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The Wellness from Within Podcast

On my weekly wellness podcast, I talk about how to overcome the all-too-common problem: Losing connection with ourselves, others, and God. With a bit of encouragement and lots of real talk, we can discover how to fuel our bodies, free our minds, and feed our souls — nudging us forward to fight our fear with faith and find true wellness from within.

The Melissa Love Stewart Wellness Experience

As your personal certified holistic wellness coach, I’ll provide you with a safe space to navigate your questions around your well-being.

We will intentionally focus on physical, mental and spiritual facets of our being to strengthen these three most important pillars of life
— our body, mind and soul.

Based in Colorado. Supporting women everywhere.